If you’ve got a keyboard, drum pad, drum machine, DJ controller, floor pedal controller, anything MIDI... connect them to your iPad wirelessly with the PUC!

PUC Connect App for iOS

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If you are using any iOS device to connect your PUC, you will need to download the PUC Connect App on the App Store:


What is the PUC

The PUC is a wireless MIDI interface designed specifically for iOS devices. The PUC allows you to wirelessly connect any MIDI device (keyboard, DJ controller, drum pad, floor pedal controllers, etc.) directly to your iPad. PUC can also work with any platform that supports a MIDI connection over WiFi.

The PUC communicates directly to the iPad via WiFi directly as a device, no "host" WiFi network is necessary. PUC uses an open standard for Core MIDI over WiFi. Once your legacy MIDI signals are translated into Core MIDI by the PUC, any Core MIDI compatible app can recognize it.

All the fun of creating music - without the wires.

The only Wifi Midi solution for your iPad.


PUC in Use

You have an iPad loaded with amazing synthesizer & music creation apps, but connecting your controller creates a tangled mess and no longer makes you mobile. PUC makes MIDI connectivity easy. Simply plug your controller into PUC’s MIDI port, establish your WiFi link, and get on with your business – making music. PUC also connects to your Mac for Wireless Core MIDI control. Use PUC to patch your iOS device as a drum machine, or sequencer.

Do you have a MIDI keyboard controller, home digital piano, synthesizer, or computer controller? Connect it to the PUC and put your instrument apps under familiar control.


The People Behind PUC

Minneapolis based Zivix is known for developing music related technology to enrich the experience of creating and learning music by using today’s most popular devices including iPads, iPhones, Macs and any compatible PCs. Zivix builds products for professional musicians, people who want to become musicians, or people who just want to have fun with musical tools. Zivix developed the award winning JamStik, which has entered its first phase of production, shipping in late Q2 2014. Additionally the JamStik includes a suite of apps from learning to play guitar, to just having fun remixing music. The team has been actively developing software/apps across multiple platforms including iOS and Android since 2010.